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    Bryan Dongray
aka bdongray,
btd, or BryTee
(website admin)
    Mona Dongray
(was Mona Lee Beck)
aka Monalicious
    Chris Dongray
aka rabbit,
lexington prongs
    The Dongray family tree [1550-present]    

Other things of interest here:
BurningMan Bryan's Burning Man experiences
Energy Self Sufficiency Newsletters 15 newsletters from January 2005 to July 2006, from how to go green to how to survive off the grid.
Downloaded from: Rebel Wolf.
Some UNIX tools Written by Bryan Dongray, who's been using, programming, and developing with various versions of UNIX since 1981.
Kate Bush complete and searchable lyrics, MIDI files, Demo MP3s, Chords and guitar tabs, and Fans photo page
Alice Cooper complete and searchable lyrics, MIDI files, and Chords and guitar tabs
Midi archive with over 2000 MIDIs, text search, and categorized
Eclipse info
1991 to 2030
including a one month timelapse Suncam

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