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Resume (CV) of
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Bryan T Dongray

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  • Bryan Dongray:
    • Address: 3263 MacKenzie Pl, Fremont, CA 94536, USA
    • Email:
  • Work Experience:
    • UNIX (many flavors)
      Most recent: Linux (Redhat, CentOS, Ubuntu)
      Others used: Solaris, AIX, IRIX, BSD, HPUX, Unicos
      Scripting: C, shell, perl, awk, some python, ruby admin, some SQL
      Massively parallel processing, distributed systems, server farms
    • Network storage servers
      From small to massive arrays, and virtualization (NetApp, F5 ARX, EMC over NFS, CIFS)
    • Virtual servers
      VMWare and VirtualBox (desktops and servers), Netapp simulator
    • Interacting with networking
      Routing, firewalls, loadbalancing (mainly Cisco)
      TCP/IP, VPN (and other remote access methods), LAN/WAN
    • Infrastructure admin (some architecture design)
      SMTP(sendmail), POP3/IMAP, HTTP, SSL, FTP, NTP, DNS, VPN, NIS, LDAP, Wiki, syslog, NFS, CIFS, SVN, RCS, QuickStream, SCCS, some CVS, Clearcase, Git
      Monitoring: Nimsoft, some Nagios, a lot of home grown
    • Web
      Design, programming, configuration, support
      Apache, Tomcat, TC server, Weblogic, home grown
    • Security
      OS hardening (and firewalls), encryption, SSL, web certs, DMZ, network (Cisco PIX, Checkpoint), scanning (Nessus, nmap, home grown)
    • PC (including MAC)
      Desktop installation, backup/restore (some server based roles)
    • Database
      Design, coding, admin mainly Oracle and some MySQL
    • X11 and other graphics protocols
  • Computer languages programmed:
    • C, shell/perl/awk, (some ruby & python), SQL, HTML/CGI, Pascal, FORTRAN, lisp, babbage, 680*0, 80*86, Cray assembler, GEC 4000 series, Sparc, macro 11.
  • Education:
    • School: 9 O-levels, 4 A-levels, Computer Science degree (BSc with hons).
    • Business: VMware admin, Netapp, Tibco, Redhat, Solaris, Cray, SGI, AIX, TCServer, Oracle DBA, Cisco PIX & CheckPoint firewalls, Networking (TCP/IP, Nestar), Security (SANS: Tracks 4 & 7)
    • Personality: Time management, Team building, Remote management, Quality Assurance, Effective Communication, French
Job history
  • Aug.12-Dec.12 Taos Mountain (consulting & services)
    Job title: Technical Consultant (Linux)
    Project to move NIS authentication into AD; massively parallel ssh
  • Mar.07-Feb.12 Align Technology (makers of Invisalign clear braces)
    Job title: Senior System Admin
    Prod & multiple dev environments: Linux systems spec, build, install, deploy, maintain, monitor (VM and physical); Massive data storage maintenance, scan, repair, monitor, maintain, and data layout design; Maintain versioning systems (code and production data); Backups;
  • Jan.06-Oct.06 Google USA (Internet search engine)
    Job title: Site Reliability Engineer
    Monitor, configure massively parallel crawl and index systems; Design, code, implement search engine improvements; Interview candidates for high quality technical skills;
  • Apr.03-Dec.05 Metris USA (Credit card/bank), now HSBC
    Job title: Information Security Specialist
    Distributed system monitoring and maintenance; Sysadmin, volume management, performance and capacity planning; New hire security awareness training;
  • Oct.98-Feb.03 Silicon Graphics USA (HighEnd Computers)
    Job titles: Information Security Analyst, Senior Network Security Architect
    Security design and architecture (employees and Vendor/Partner access); Security policies and investigations; Network design and configuring; Secure remote access; Various web interfaces for employee/network monitoring and tools; Antijunk (spam) email gateway; UNIX "guru" (answer anything on UNIX, networking, email, C, HTML, SQL, security);
  • Oct.94-Oct.98 Cray Research USA (SuperComputer manufacturer)
    Job titles: UNIX System admin, DBA, Data Security Leader
    System and DBA admin; Network design and configuring; Security policies and investigations; Secure Web gateway; Secure remote access; Web interfaces for employee/network monitoring and tools; Anti-spam gateway; UNIX "guru" (answer anything on UNIX, networking, email, C, HTML, SQL, security); [... longer time ago ...]
  • Jul.88-Oct.94 Cray Research UK (SuperComputer sales/support)
    Job titles: UNICOS Support Engineer, Software Development Engineer, UNIX Software Services Support
    Customer support Bureau support & accounting; System/network admin; Service centre installation + email interfaces; Software dev of File Transfer Agent into Cray system; Email postmaster + improve email worldwide; Employee DB updates + reports; Demos; Many user tools; Web admin and programming;
  • Mar.88-Jun.88 Sun Microsystems (Computer manufacturer)
    Job title: Application Software Engineer
    Support DB; Train users; Sys admin & tools; Int'l hostname allocation & network setup; MIS comm link;
  • Oct.86-Feb.88 System Simulation Ltd (Software house)
    Job titles: Senior software design engineer, System manager
    Improved textual DB; RT graphics; Port DB app to PC; Sysadmin; Customer support;
  • Jul.85-Aug.86 Manufacturers Hanover Trust (New York bank)
    Job title: Senior Programmer
    International banking PC application; PC networking and system admin; Programmer tools;
  • Jan.84-Jun.85 System Simulation Ltd (Software house)
    Job titles: Software design engineer, System manager
    Design, implement, install, support textual DB; Sysadmin; Office, programmers, and system utilities;
  • Sep.83-Jan.84 GEC Computers (Government software development)
    Job title: Graduate programmer
    Pascal debugger; Screen editor (vi for GEC system);

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