This is me click for amusement.

Here is Noreen and my kids.

Here is my http bookmark file, it has what I think of as good starting points, and probably reveals some of my interests.

This is where I work. 655 Lone Oak Drive, Eagan, MN, USA:

Here is track information on Kate Bush, fully searchable.
Here are *all* the lyrics to Alice Cooper, fully searchable. It also has all the MIDI files of his music I could find.
Here are some MIDI files I created, I think they're good quality. I also have a text searchable MIDI archive you may be interested in, with almost 2000 quality MIDI files.

This is the house where I live (since Nov 94) in Apple Valley, MN, USA:

A real "home" page.
Except these leaves are from 1994, and fell ages ago. 1995's, 1996's and last years ones looked much the same, but of course they're all gone now, and there's snow all around.

Email me at or just
If you wonder about UNIX system administrators read this.

PS Here's a recent view from my SGI Indycam:

click to some recent timelapse views.
GIT/CC/CS/MU/S d- s:+ a C++$ UIS++++ P+++ L E--- W++ N++ o? K? w+>++ !O M-- V-- PS+ PE Y+ PGP- t++ 5 X++ !R tv+ b- DI++ D+++ G e++ h---- r+++#2 y++++
Visit the geek code site for an understanding of that gobble-de-gook.

Here is my PGP public key.