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Dongrays (not) at
Burningman 2011

Theme: "Rites of Passage"
As of Sat Sep 30 12:28:32 2023 PDT
The man has burned

Temple burn

2011 street map

1500x1666 gif image: 126k
[source: BMsite PDF - my copy 82k ]
Street names:
• Esplanade
• Anniversary
• Birthday
• Coming Out
• Divorce
• Engagement
• Funeral
• Graduation
• Hajj
• Initiation
• Journey
• Kindergarten
• Liminal
pic bm2011img24
Screen capture
from ustream.tv/burningman

Weather for the week:
weeks weather plot
Information from Gerlach,NV weather station
Current weather at Gerlach
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