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Here is some of my artwork hope you like it

This figure is an evolved form of parasauralophus, it's wearing all the battle gear because 65 million years ago the dinosaurs detected a meteor on there long range scanners. They left earth to it's fate. In large Star cruisers they waited and they're back, and each specie is fighting for it's right to claim earth. The humans don't have there say, yet.
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Falling Agent
This is me in an alternate reality. I have been trained since the age of 5 to sabotage missions, destroy missile silos and have no fear [ but as you can tell they didn't do so well on the fear part ]. Here I was running [ now falling ] away from sun face's [evil super villain] cronies while on my way to school. I was able to fight them for a while with a "matrix"-like ability. Eventually their numbers got the better of me so I leaped from the building, whipped out my Black Jack 540 {gun} and shot them down. Then thinking quickly threw out my grappling hook in the nick of time. Landing catlike behind my friends, I joined them with out them even noticing I was gone.
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Golf Man
I have just recently been introduced to the game of golf. this picture was drawn after me and my friend, Captain Katt, had been at a driving range near by with his step dad. I used Katt's clubs. Afterward I drew this.
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Hell Shadow
This is my own type of Gundam that I invented called Hell Shadow. It's special features are: Phoenix Rockets, Cloaking, and he is a sniper.
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Lizard on the Rock
This picture was drawn when I couldn't think of any thing to draw so I just drew a series of squiggles and made something out of it. I just so happened to draw a previously liberated {note the shackle on his wrist} mountain dragon.
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Mean Man
This is a samuri {Duh!}. I don't know what he is, but he's angry. I got this idea when my sister was watching a toddler show when this little half black half white was in a comercial for a show I instantly had an insperation so i ran to my room and drew this guy. I also have another picture of him but havn't scaned it yet.
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This thing was supposed to be laying eggs {note the round things in the corner}. I did the same thing with the mountain Dragon drew lines and made something from it. this is my dads favorite picture, because he said it looked so real and could almost see it move E-mail me and tell me what you think.
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I drew this when I went through a gundam Wing faze. Apparently it was so good it was illustrated in my school writer last year { 7th grade } this picture took 2 periods of class { to my teachers displeasure } it was illustrated next to my friend's poem about the future.
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Z Man
This was another one of my fazes in which I was obsessed with Dragon Ball Z. This guy was kind of a flop but was also illustrated in my school writer last year {7th} next to a poem about faces {which kind of makes sense, LOOK AT IT}.
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