Solar and Lunar Eclipses 1991 to 2030

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A two month time lapse of the sun from a NASA suncam:
Sun timelapse
Click the timelapse photo to see each frame,
enabling you to see any specific frame as a large image.
Hint: Look for sunspots and impressive solar flares.

Year Date Type Details References
1991 1991-Jan-15 Solar Annular Southern Australia, New Zealand
1991-Jan-30 Lunar Penumbral 03:57-07:59 Max=05:58:40 (cov=0.91/-0.11)
1991-Jun-27 Lunar Penumbral 01:46-04:43 Max=03:14:47 (cov=0.34/-0.75)
1991-Jul-11 Solar Total Mexico, Central America, Northern South America
1991-Jul-26 Lunar Penumbral 16:47-19:28 Max=18:07:53 (cov=0.28/-0.81)
1991-Dec-21 Lunar Partial 08:25-12:40 Max=10:33:03 (cov=1.09/0.09)
1992 1992-Jan-04 Solar Annular Mid/Northern Pacific, Partial in Hawaii
1992-Jun-15 Lunar Partial 02:09-07:44 Max=04:57:01 (SP=90m cov=1.75/0.69)
1992-Jun-30 Solar Total Southern South America, South Atlantic, Off the coast of Southern Africa
1992-Dec-09 Lunar Total 20:55-02:32 Max=23:44:05 (SP=105m SU=37m cov=2.32/1.28)
1992-Dec-24 Solar Partial Japan, Northern Pacific, Alaska
1993 1993-May-21 Solar Partial Western/Central USA, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, Scandinavia, Northern Russia
1993-Jun-04 Lunar Total 10:10-15:50 Max=13:00:28 (SP=109m SU=48m cov=2.58/1.57)
1993-Nov-13 Solar Partial Southern Australia, Antarctica, Southern South America
1993-Nov-29 Lunar Total 03:27-09:24 Max=06:26:04 (SP=106m SU=24m cov=2.19/1.09)
1994 1994-May-10 Solar Annular Central USA, Northern Africa
1994-May-25 Lunar Partial 01:18-05:43 Max=03:30:23 (SP=53m cov=1.22/0.25)
1994-Nov-03 Solar Total Central South America, South Atlantic, Off the coast of South Africa
1994-Nov-18 Lunar Penumbral 04:25-09:02 Max=06:43:53 (cov=0.91/-0.22)
1995 1995-Apr-15 Lunar Partial 10:08-14:28 Max=12:18:05 (SP=37m cov=1.11/0.12)
1995-Apr-29 Solar Annular Northern South America
1995-Oct-08 Lunar Penumbral 13:58-18:10 Max=16:04:10 (cov=0.85/-0.21)
1995-Oct-24 Solar Total Northern India, Southern Asia, Mid Pacific
1996 1996-Apr-04 Lunar Total 21:16-03:04 Max=00:09:47 (SP=109m SU=43m cov=2.43/1.38)
1996-Apr-17 Solar Partial New Zealand, Antarctica
1996-Sep-27 Lunar Total 00:12-05:36 Max=02:54:23 (SP=102m SU=35m cov=2.24/1.25)
1996-Oct-12 Solar Partial Greenland, Iceland, Europe, Northern Africa
1997 1997-Mar-09 Solar Total Northern Asia
1997-Mar-24 Lunar Partial 01:41-07:38 Max=04:39:26 (SP=102m cov=2.03/0.92)
1997-Sep-02 Solar Partial Southern Australia, New Zealand
1997-Sep-16 Lunar Total 16:11-21:22 Max=18:46:40 (SP=99m SU=31m cov=2.16/1.20)
1998 1998-Feb-26 Solar Total Mid Pacific, Aruba, Northern Atlantic My details
1998-Mar-13 Lunar Penumbral 02:14-06:26 Max=04:20:05 (cov=0.74/-0.38)
1998-Aug-08 Lunar Penumbral 01:32-03:18 Max=02:24:54 (cov=0.15/-0.86)
1998-Aug-22 Solar Annular Indonesia, Pacific Islands
1998-Sep-06 Lunar Penumbral 09:14-13:06 Max=11:10:09 (cov=0.84/-0.15)
1999 1999-Jan-31 Lunar Penumbral 14:05-18:30 Max=16:17:33 (cov=1.03/-0.02)
1999-Feb-16 Solar Annular Southern Indian Ocean, Australia
1999-Jul-28 Lunar Partial 08:56-14:11 Max=11:33:44 (SP=72m cov=1.46/0.40)
1999-Aug-11 Solar Total Off the coast of Newfoundland, England, France, ... Turkey, Middle East, India My details
2000 2000-Jan-21 Lunar Total 02:03-07:24 Max=04:43:31 (SP=102m SU=39m cov=2.33/1.33)
2000-Feb-05 Solar Partial Antarctica
2000-Jul-01 Solar Partial Southern Pacific, Southern South America
2000-Jul-16 Lunar Total 10:47-17:05 Max=13:55:35 (SP=118m SU=54m cov=2.86/1.77)
2000-Jul-31 Solar Partial Northern Scandinavia, Northern Asia, Greenland, Canada, North Western USA
2000-Dec-25 Solar Partial USA, Canada
2001 2001-Jan-09 Lunar Total 17:44-22:58 Max=20:20:36 (SP=99m SU=31m cov=2.19/1.19)
2001-Jun-21 Solar Total Southern Atlantic, Southern Africa, Madagascar
2001-Jul-05 Lunar Partial 12:11-17:40 Max=14:55:18 (SP=80m cov=1.57/0.50)
2001-Dec-14 Solar Annular Off the coast of Hawaii, Mid Pacific, Central America
2001-Dec-30 Lunar Penumbral 08:25-12:33 Max=10:29:19 (cov=0.92/-0.11)
2002 2002-May-26 Lunar Penumbral 10:13-13:54 Max=12:03:25 (cov=0.71/-0.28)
2002-Jun-10 Solar Annular Mid/Northern Pacific Ocean
2002-Jun-24 Lunar Penumbral 20:19-22:35 Max=21:27:10 (cov=0.23/-0.79)
2002-Nov-20 Lunar Penumbral 23:32-04:01 Max=01:46:34 (cov=0.89/-0.22)
2002-Dec-04 Solar Total Southern Africa, Southern Indian Ocean, Australia
2003 2003-May-16 Lunar Total 01:05-06:15 Max=03:40:09 (SP=97m SU=26m cov=2.10/1.13)
2003-May-31 Solar Annular Greenland, Iceland, Scotland
2003-Nov-09 Lunar Total 22:15-04:22 Max=01:18:31 (SP=106m SU=12m cov=2.14/1.02)
2003-Nov-23 Solar Total Antarctica
2004 2004-Apr-19 Solar Partial Southern Atlantic, Southern Africa
2004-May-04 Lunar Total 17:51-23:10 Max=20:30:14 (SP=102m SU=38m cov=2.29/1.31)
2004-Oct-14 Solar Partial Northern Asia, Japan, Northern Pacific
2004-Oct-28 Lunar Total 00:06-06:03 Max=03:04:04 (SP=110m SU=41m cov=2.39/1.31)
2005 2005-Apr-08 Solar Hybrid Off the coast of New Zealand, Southern Pacific, Southern Central America, Northern South America
2005-Apr-24 Lunar Penumbral 07:50-12:00 Max=09:54:50 (cov=0.89/-0.14)
2005-Oct-03 Solar Annular Spain, Northern and Eastern Africa, Indian Ocean
2005-Oct-17 Lunar Partial 09:51-14:15 Max=12:03:18 (SP=29m cov=1.08/0.07)
2006 2006-Mar-14 Lunar Penumbral 21:21-02:13 Max=23:47:28 (cov=1.05/-0.05)
2006-Mar-29 Solar Total Brazil, Northern Africa, Turkey, Asia
2006-Sep-07 Lunar Partial 16:42-21:00 Max=18:51:17 (SP=46m cov=1.16/0.19)
2006-Sep-22 Solar Annular Northern South America, Southern Atlantic
2007 2007-Mar-03 Lunar Total 20:16-02:25 Max=23:20:51 (SP=111m SU=37m cov=2.35/1.24)
2007-Mar-19 Solar Partial Asia
2007-Aug-28 Lunar Total 07:52-13:22 Max=10:37:17 (SP=106m SU=45m cov=2.48/1.48)
2007-Sep-11 Solar Partial Southern South America, Antarctica
2008 2008-Feb-07 Solar Annular Antarctica
2008-Feb-21 Lunar Total 00:41-07:38 Max=04:39:26 (SP=103m SU=25m cov=2.03/0.92)
2008-Aug-01 Solar Total Northern Canada, Northern Greenland, Central Asia, China
2008-Aug-16 Lunar Partial 18:23-23:57 Max=21:10:03 (SP=94m cov=1.86/0.81)
2009 2009-Jan-26 Solar Annular Southern Indian Ocean, Indonesia
2009-Feb-09 Lunar Penumbral 12:37-16:40 Max=14:38:10 (cov=0.92/-0.08)
2009-Jul-07 Lunar Penumbral 08:33-10:44 Max=09:38:33 (cov=0.18/-0.91)
2009-Jul-22 Solar Total India, China, Mid Pacific
2009-Aug-06 Lunar Penumbral 23:01-02:17 Max=00:39:05 (cov=0.42/-0.66)
2009-Dec-31 Lunar Partial 17:15-21:30 Max=19:22:35 (SP=31m cov=1.08/0.08)
2010 2010-Jan-15 Solar Annular Mid Africa, Indian Ocean, India, China
2010-Jun-26 Lunar Partial 08:55-14:21 Max=11:38:23 (SP=82m cov=1.60/0.54)
2010-Jul-11 Solar Total Southern Pacific, Chile
2010-Dec-21 Lunar Total 05:27-11:06 Max=08:16:50 (SP=105m SU=37m cov=2.31/1.26)
2011 2011-Jan-04 Solar Partial Northern Africa, Europe, Middle East, Western Asia
2011-Jun-01 Solar Partial Northern/Eastern Asia, Northern Canada, Greenland
2011-Jun-15 Lunar Total 17:23-23:02 Max=20:12:31 (SP=110m SU=50m cov=2.71/1.71)
2011-Jul-01 Solar Partial Off the coast of Antarticia
2011-Nov-25 Solar Partial Southern tip of Africa, Antartica, New Zealand
2011-Dec-10 Lunar Total 11:31-17:32 Max=14:31:40 (SP=106m SU=26m cov=2.21/1.11)
2012 2012-May-20 Solar Annular China, Japan, Northern Pacific, Western USA My photos | Florin's photos
2012-Jun-04 Lunar Partial 08:46-13:20 Max=11:03:10 (SP=64m cov=1.34/0.38)
2012-Nov-13 Solar Total Northern Australia, Southern Pacific
2012-Nov-28 Lunar Penumbral 12:12-16:53 Max=14:32:50 (cov=0.94/-0.18)
2013 2013-Apr-25 Lunar Partial 18:01-22:13 Max=20:07:26 (SP=16m cov=1.01/0.02)
2013-May-10 Solar Annular Northern Australia, Mid Pacific
2013-May-25 Lunar Penumbral 03:43-04:37 Max=04:09:57 (cov=0.04/-0.92)
2013-Oct-18 Lunar Penumbral 21:48-01:52 Max=23:50:08 (cov=0.79/-0.27)
2013-Nov-03 Solar Hybrid Northern Atlantic, Central Africa
2014 2014-Apr-15 Lunar Total 04:52-10:39 Max=07:45:33 (SP=108m SU=39m cov=2.34/1.30)
2014-Apr-29 Solar Annular Antarctica
2014-Oct-08 Lunar Total 08:14-13:35 Max=10:54:26 (SP=100m SU=30m cov=2.17/1.17)
2014-Oct-23 Solar Partial USA, Canada
2015 2015-Mar-20 Solar Total Iceland, North Pole
2015-Apr-04 Lunar Total 08:59-15:01 Max=12:00:07 (SP=105m SU=6m cov=2.11/1.01)
2015-Sep-13 Solar Partial Southern Africa, Antarctica
2015-Sep-28 Lunar Total 00:10-05:24 Max=02:47:01 (SP=100m SU=36m cov=2.25/1.28)
2016 2016-Mar-09 Solar Total Indonesia, Northern Pacific
2016-Mar-23 Lunar Penumbral 09:37-13:57 Max=11:47:04 (cov=0.80/-0.31)
2016-Aug-18 Lunar Penumbral 09:24-10:01 Max=09:42:25 (cov=0.02/-0.99)
2016-Sep-01 Solar Annular Southern Atlantic, Southern Africa, Madagascar
2016-Sep-16 Lunar Penumbral 16:52-20:56 Max=18:54:10 (cov=0.93/-0.06)
2017 2017-Feb-11 Lunar Penumbral 22:32-02:55 Max=00:43:44 (cov=1.01/-0.03)
2017-Feb-26 Solar Annular Southern South America, Southern Atlantic, Southern Africa
2017-Aug-07 Lunar Partial 15:48-20:53 Max=18:20:17 (SP=58m cov=1.31/0.25)
2017-Aug-21 Solar Total Northern Pacific, USA, Central Atlantic
2018 2018-Jan-31 Lunar Total 10:49-16:10 Max=13:29:39 (SP=102m SU=38m cov=2.32/1.32)
2018-Feb-15 Solar Partial Antarctica, Southern South America
2018-Jul-13 Solar Partial Off the coast of Antarticia, Southern Australia
2018-Jul-27 Lunar Total 17:13-23:30 Max=20:21:34 (SP=118m SU=52m cov=2.71/1.61)
2018-Aug-11 Solar Partial Greenland, Northern Scandinavia, Asia
2019 2019-Jan-06 Solar Partial China, Japan, Northern Pacific
2019-Jan-21 Lunar Total 02:35-07:49 Max=05:12:05 (SP=99m SU=31m cov=2.19/1.20)
2019-Jul-02 Solar Total Southern Pacific, South America
2019-Jul-16 Lunar Partial 18:42-00:19 Max=21:30:33 (SP=89m cov=1.73/0.66)
2019-Dec-26 Solar Annular Saudi Arabia, Southern India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Central Pacific
2020 2020-Jan-10 Lunar Penumbral 17:05-21:14 Max=19:09:48 (cov=0.92/-0.11)
2020-Jun-05 Lunar Penumbral 17:43-21:06 Max=19:24:53 (cov=0.59/-0.40)
2020-Jun-21 Solar Annular Central Africa, Southern Saudi Arabia, Northern India, China
2020-Jul-05 Lunar Penumbral 03:04-05:55 Max=04:29:49 (cov=0.38/-0.64)
2020-Nov-30 Lunar Penumbral 07:30-11:56 Max=09:42:35 (cov=0.85/-0.26)
2020-Dec-14 Solar Total Southern Pacific, Southern South America, Southern Atlantic
2021 2021-May-26 Lunar Total 08:46-13:51 Max=11:18:30 (SP=94m SU=9m cov=1.98/1.02)
2021-Jun-10 Solar Annular Canada, North Pole, Northern East Asia
2021-Nov-19 Lunar Partial 06:00-12:05 Max=09:02:40 (SP=105m cov=2.10/0.98)
2021-Dec-04 Solar Total Antarctica
2022 2022-Apr-30 Solar Partial Southern Pacific, Southern South America
2022-May-16 Lunar Total 01:30-06:52 Max=04:11:17 (SP=104m SU=43m cov=2.40/1.42)
2022-Oct-25 Solar Partial Europe, Middle East
2022-Nov-08 Lunar Total 08:00-13:58 Max=10:58:55 (SP=110m SU=43m cov=2.44/1.36)
2023 2023-Apr-20 Solar Hybrid Southern Indian Ocean, Off the coast of Northern Australia, Central Pacific
2023-May-05 Lunar Penumbral 17:23 (cov=0.99/-0.04)
2023-Oct-14 Solar Annular Western USA, Central America, Northern South America
2023-Oct-28 Lunar Partial 20:14 (SP=40m cov=1.14/0.13)
2024 2024-Mar-25 Lunar Penumbral 07:13 (cov=0.99/-0.04)
2024-Apr-08 Solar Total Central Pacific, Mexico, Central/Northern East USA
2024-Sep-18 Lunar Partial 02:44 (SP=32m cov=1.06/0.09)
2024-Oct-02 Solar Annular Central Pacific, Southern Pacific, Southern South America
2025 2025-Mar-14 Lunar Total 06:58 (SP=109m SU=33m cov=2.29/1.18)
2025-Sep-07 Lunar Total 18:11 (SP=105m SU=41m cov=2.37/1.37)
2026 2026-Feb-17 Solar Annular Antarctica
2026-Mar-03 Lunar Total 11:33 (SP=104m SU=30m cov=2.21/1.16)
2026-Aug-12 Solar Total North Pole, Greenland, Iceland, Spain
2028-Aug-28 Lunar Partial 04:13 (SP=99m cov=1.99/0.94)
2027 2027-Feb-06 Solar Annular Southern South America, Off the coast of Central Africa
2027-Feb-20 Lunar Penumbral 23:13 (cov=0.95/-0.05)
2027-Aug-02 Solar Total Straits of Gibraltar, Mediterranean, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Mecca, Indian Ocean
2027-Aug-17 Lunar Penumbral 07:13 (cov=0.57/-0.52)
2028 2028-Jan-12 Lunar Partial 04:13 (SP=29m cov=1.07/0.07)
2028-Jan-26 Solar Annular Northern South America, Northern Atlantic, Spain
2028-Jul-06 Lunar Partial 18:19 (SP=71m cov=1.45/0.39)
2028-Jul-22 Solar Total Australia, New Zealand
2028-Dec-31 Lunar Total 16:52 (SP=105m SU=36m cov=2.30/1.25)
2029 2029-Jun-26 Lunar Total 03:22 (SP=110m SU=51m cov=2.85/1.85)
2029-Dec-20 Lunar Total 22:42 (SP=107m SU=27m cov=2.23/1.12)
2030 2030-Jun-01 Solar Annular Libya, Turkey, Central Asia, Japan
2030-Jun-15 Lunar Partial 18:33 (SP=73m cov=1.47/0.51)
2030-Nov-25 Solar Total Southern Africa, Southern Indian Ocean, Southern Australia
2030-Dec-09 Lunar Penumbral 22:27 (cov=0.97/-0.16)


Courtesy of Fred Espenak, NASA/GSFC

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