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Search for any text (artist name, track name, described instrument, author, ...) or any part of a filename in my MIDI search engine:

Use partial words. Searches are case insensitive.

Note: This is a MIDI search engine. A background process searches the web for MIDI files, extracts the text information, and adds it to the search database.
While it looks likes the files are here, actually the MIDI files are not on this system, but the search will point you at the MIDI file (on the remote systems) which when clicked on will send you there to download and/or hear the music.
Remember: If the site with the MIDI file goes down, or they remove the MIDI file, you will get a 404 File Not Found error, and while my search engine will eventually remove it from its findings, it maybe a while before this happens.

I have also created some references to the MIDI files that I have searched for, and those I think sound good I categorized them in what I call my MIDI archive.

Legal notice: If any of these MIDI files are copyright, as the file resides on other servers not this one, it is upto the owners of the other sites to ensure licenses are paid as necessary in allowing you to download the music they provide.

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Here are references to MIDIs I have personally completed: Sites that link to me (so I link back), or just great MIDI sites:


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